Greta Doo

Greta Doo created the most amazing Lilliput Library for our project. You can see it on site at the corner of Hillside Rd and Helena St.

I’ve been wondering what Greta would do with her chair. Well no more wondering.

Have a look at this amazing artwork and read Greta’s story here……….



‘The calligraphy of a place  the copious confusion of Autumn leaves.’

As a ceramic and mosaic artist also an ardent gardener I chose the poem ‘Giverny in Autumn ‘as inspiration for my chair. Like Monet I have always had a fascination for the interplay of light on natural surfaces at different times of day.  The confluence of rustic charm and Japanese elegance in the poem was the starting point for my reflection on the transformation of the humble everyday object of the chair into a timeless work of art.
Monet’s water lily paintings were a vertical interpretation of a horizontal scene – the surface of water.  My palette was to create a layering of reflective surfaces that sit comfortably and a little mysteriously  onto the original robust frame wood of the chair intertwined with muehlenbeckia vine culled from my own garden the previous autumn
Text fragments that I particularly like from Harvey McQueen’s poem form the spine of the falling leaves that are to be taken away for another season by the current; the gently moving body of water that so enamoured Monet to paint his pond with its Japanese bridge in his beloved garden Giverny many times over.
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‘Light is what populates the universe with imponderable atoms, it is the adornment of an eternally renewed poetry’  GRAPPE in – Monet A visit to Giverny by Gerald Van Der Kemp


Chair created by Greta Doo. 
mixed media-wood, garden vine, copper foiled glass, copper cable and wire, solder, hand made ceramic.