Gavin Wilson

Walking past Tahuna Intermediate  a year or two ago I noticed some brilliant sculptures dotted around the school grounds. Upon arriving home I contacted the school to find out who was responsible for the work. I noted down the name, Gavin Wilson, and thought one day I’d like to involve him in one of my projects. AND the day has come!

work 3

I can’t reveal more at this stage except to say it’s been a real delight tossing ideas around with Gavin, and watching him turn abstract thoughts into reality! Putting that as yet ‘unrevealed’ project to one side I mentioned to Gavin I was organising a CHAIRity auction for Poems in the Waiting Room would he be interested in taking part.

When Gavin said he was keen I described the available chairs and dropped his chosen chair down to him and took off before he changed his mind! His chair was somewhat world weary.

orig chair


Gavin is an amazing ideas man so I’ve been really keen to see what he would come up with! I’ll pass you over to Rachael, Gavin’s wife:

Gavin has been a sculptor for 20 plus years. He has a number of works at various schools and kindergartens around Dunedin including Tainui, Tahuna Intermediate and Bayfield Kindergarten. In 2012 he was involved in an accident that saw him lose his right hand but his determined nature and love of creating art has seen him continue to sculpt and create works of art.

He was thrilled to be approached by Ruth to take part in the chair auction and has had fun coming up with ideas for his chosen chair.chair

The poem he chose is ‘Small stanzas in Autumn’ by Barbara Crooker. The lines he chose from the poem are ‘A drowsy silence, hummed by bees. The thunk of an apple’

Gavin chair 1

I’m amazed, chuffed and totally in awe of Gavin’s ideas, skills and generosity.

Look out for Gavin Wilson’s work on display at Resene Oct 1 – 15.

Auction: Oct 15 @ 2.00pm

AND AND AND the final result…….